Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor

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Function Description

Correct Measurement Method

1. Sit in a chair as shown in the picture, do not lean forward or bend your body.
2. Take 3-4 deep breaths before measuring. Relax your shoulders and arms. Make sure your body is relaxed.
3. During the measurement, the middle of the wrist cuff should be the same height as your heart. Do not move your body and wrist. We recommend that you put a soft cushion under your elbow.

Key Description

1. Low Power Signal
2. Systolic Pressure
3. Diastolic Pressure
4. Pulse Rate
5. HR Symbol
6. Sets of Memory
7. Blood Pressure Unit Symbol
8. Average Symbol
9. Blood Pressure Classification Symbol
10. Systolic Pressure
11. Date / Time Display



Product Certification

Authorized Certification & Quality Assurance

High-Definition Screen

Large screen and large font with clear results